Keywords and Keyword Phrases: Reach Your Targets by Utilizing Keyword Research Tools

The keywords/keyword phrases that you base your content around are what determines your success in reaching your intended audiences. It is imperative for you to understand your targeted audiences when you are attempting to promote products, services and/or programs online. The Internet is a huge entity and you want to maximize the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. Let's examine the concept of keyword-based promotion and learn how to make it work for you.

 ·         Keywords and keywords phrases are the tags that search engine spiders are "crawling" for to determine the relevancy of any given information source. When the spiders find highly-relevant material, they present it to web surfers as a valid result for a given search query.

·         In order to attract the appropriate audience to your online material, you need to base the material that you create around specifically-targeted keywords. Whether you are writing articles, landing pages, website content, press releases, Squidoo lenses or any other type of material, it all needs to be based around your chosen keywords.

 How do you choose the best keywords to create your content around?

It's not that tough to do. Here are the characteristics that you want your keywords to have:

·         High search volume;

·         Low competitor volume (other advertisers);

·         High relevance to the product, service or opp that you are promoting;

How can you find keywords/keyword phrases that yield these characteristics?

You find them by spending a little time with keyword research tools. These tools are available for free and they are very useful to any Internet Marketer. They not only tell you how many people are searching for given terms in a given time period; they also tell you how many online advertisers are using them for their own advertising campaigns. In addition, many of these keyword research tools provide you various other informational parameters as well - and all at the click of your mouse button.

What are some of the top keyword research tools available?

Try these three to get you going. There are many available to be found by a basic search engine search for "keyword research tools", but these are probably all you will need. 

When you get to the tools, take a few minutes to educate yourself about all of the information that they are truly providing to you. As an Internet Marketer, it is your job to understand all information that can yield you higher sales ratios. By basing your advertising campaigns around well-chosen keywords and keywords phrases, you will explode your sales and become one of the Internet's elite income generators.


Ahhh, the great American dream.  White picket fences, puppy dogs, a beautiful wife and children, good friends and …a great job.  Hey, wait a minute – that all sounded pretty good up until that last part.  From birth, we have been brainwashed that the optimal value of our lives is determined by our vocation.  We are thrilled when we’re finally old enough to get our first paper route.  We feel like real mature adults when we’re in high school working diligently.  We work our way through college so that we can call ourselves educated and get a better job.  There, we spend the rest of our able-bodied lives working away.  The first question that most people ask each other is, “Where do you work?” or “What do you do for a living?”
Enough!  It’s time to break the mold!  Working our lives away until we’re too old to enjoy life is for the birds!  Here are 10 fantastic reasons to get rid of your crappy job today:

1    Having a job limits your development – both personal and professional.  If you spend all of your time working for “the man”, then you will never get to be the person that you want to be.
2    Working your life away works the life right out of you.  People give the most healthful years of their lives to their jobs.
3    Having a job assures you that you will never really have any money.  When you spend your life working for others, you lock yourself into poverty.  You have to learn to do your own thing for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.
4    People who think that hard work is the only way to success are simply misled or perhaps mentally challenged.  There are incredible ways to generate loads of cash and have more free time than you know what to do with.
5    You deserve more vacation time than one or two weeks every year.  Think about it: if you wake up every day and go to work for 50 weeks straight, then you get two weeks for yourself and your family.  Most times, those two weeks are spent just trying to wrap your mind around the next 50 that are coming up again.
6    If you believe that all you are ever meant to be is an employee, then you will probably be a great one.  However, that’s all you’ll ever be.
7    There is no honor in servitude.  Helpfulness, yes.  Giving, yes.  Slavery, no way!
8    Think about all of the dreams that you had throughout your life.  How many of them have you achieved or seen come to fruition?  The reason that people don’t achieve their goals in life is because they’re too busy working at their jobs.
9    Do you wake up every morning feeling really excited to be alive?  Are you full of anticipation about getting to the office because it’s such a thrilling experience? Hmmm, why don’t you do something about it?
10    People claim that it is the responsibility of an individual to work.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Your responsibility is to enjoy your life.  It’s the only one that you have!

Begin living your life the way that you choose to.  There are many ways to successfully replace your job and generate more cash than you ever thought was possible.  Hard work does not accommodate or bring about happiness and success.  On the contrary, working your life away is exactly what will cause your great misery.  Take control of your own destiny!  Become your own champion!  Realize that your job is killing you and then do something about it.


Forum marketing is another excellent method to generate conversions for free using Web 2.0 technologies. There are forums for anything and everything that you can imagine. Just type in any topic that you are interested in and "+ forum" and you will be rewarded with a plethora of marketing possibilities. Not to mention, the contacts that you will make in these forums will help you to develop your own email list for future marketing endeavors.

Here are some excellent tips to help you get into the exciting realm of forum marketing:

1.    Target your forum marketing efforts - just any old forum will not do. If you promoting an Internet Marketing opportunity, don't go to a basket weaving forum. Get it?
2.    Post frequently and always answer other forum member's questions promptly and thoroughly. Encourage them to contact you and always perform professionally.
3.    Place your unique selling proposition in you forum signature. Include a link to your website and/or landing pages.
4.    Determine and understand your own areas of expertise. Do not pretend to be an expert - actually be or become one.
5.    Create new threads on the forums that you join. Offer intriguing questions and stimulating responses. Remember that there are millions of people in cyberspace that thirst for knowledge. Satiate their needs for information and they will reward you by branding you as an expert.
6.    Do not spread your forum affiliations to widely. Keep the number of forums that you frequent under ten and try to post at least five times per day on each. In this way, you will quickly establish yourself as an expert (as long as you keep the quality of your posts high).
7.    Search the news for hot topics and then create threads based on them. Link these thread topics into the opportunities that you are trying to promote. Do it subtly and never be a salesman. If you are doing it properly (subtly), then your prospects will come to you.
8.    Help other members to solve their problems by addressing their needs for knowledge. When you help them through their difficulties, they will naturally gravitate towards you and become open to what you are promoting.

Forum posting can be a very effective method of lead generation and prospect conversion. Just remember not to be pushy and never seem like you are dying to make a sale. Just present the information about your opportunity in a subtle fashion and always stick to the forum's guidelines.

With a bit of time and practice, you will be well on your way to establishing your own expertise, creating an open-minded email list for the future and making lucrative sales all at once!

For some people, when they hear the name of any industry, they will see the big picture. The music industry for them will encompass not only the music that they listen to, but the way that the music is created, the recording, the shipping and the promotions that must go into getting music to the consumer. To them, it will also involve every type of musical genre- from rock and hip hop to Beethoven and Mozart. Anything that pertains to the making, transporting or selling of music will be what is in their head.

For other people, the musical industry can be broken down in to genres, which can then be broken down further into sub genres. The sub genres can then be even further broken down to the point where only one aspect of the industry is being focused on; the niche.

Finding a niche is like doing a mathematical equation without numbers: you keep subtracting facts and descriptions until you get down to the lowest common denominator for that market- the niche in other words. When you are doing niche marketing, you are exploiting the needs for that particular part of an industry- that small segment of the targeted audience who may have a specific and very definable need.

Keeping with the musical industry theme, we focus on this genre of the musical industry: the marching band. For each section of instrument types, there is a sub genre: the brass, the woodwinds and the percussion sections. Taking the brass section sub genre then, we can break that down into the niches: trumpet, French horn, tuba and trombone. Of those four niches, there are some similar needs that can be addressed, but each will have specific needs that have to be focused on as well. Niche marketing would address those specific needs for each of the four niches found within this sub genre.

The music that is written for a trombonist for instance, is different from that of a French horn. You could never fit a tuba into a trumpet case, and if you did, that thing is never coming back out of there, and you owe someone a tuba. There is never a trumpeter that will need a comfort strap to play his instrument. All of these separate aspects of the same basic family have different needs that must be met. Have defined your targeted audience? Have you defined your niche? Now its time to find the best ways to market your product or service to that audience.

For example, the product is music lessons. You could offer the generic “music lessons” but then would find that you are being flooded by calls for oboe or electric guitar. The problem is simple- you do not know how to play neither the oboe nor the electric guitar. By clearing defining the niche that you are marketing to, you save yourself needless expense on ads that will greet the wrong people and you save your customers time by spelling out exactly what you can offer to them.

The more defined or specialized a niche, the higher the demand and the lower the supply meaning that you will be able to garner top dollars for a need that is not being fulfilled. The wider your appeal, the more likely you are to have competition and therefore have to keep your prices low to remain comparable and fair.

Define your targeted market and you can rule that particular niche. Find the lowest common denominator that will satisfy enough need to be a valid pursuit and keep enough customers to be financially worthwhile and you will be struggling to keep up with the demand in no time.


As with most elements of Internet Marketing, the concept of social media marketing is widely misunderstood.  Enhancing the performance of your business through social networking, online and off is a distinct possibility.  However, it requires more than simply slapping a few social media website pages together and hoping for the best.  It requires forethought.  It requires education.  It requires strategy.  It requires a specified plan for implementation.  In short, if you wish for your social media marketing to be effective, then you need to realize, that even though it is very enjoyable, it is still a very serious undertaking.

Give your business a human touch with social networking!

Every online entity wants clickthroughs.  That is a given.  But a clickthrough by itself holds no real value.  What you want are clicks from customers who feel a personal attachment with your products, services and information presented.  People need human connections.  That is the very reason why social media is so hugely popular and widespread on the Internet.  In fact, it is what is shaping all online trends more than anything else in existence.

Rules for effective social media marketing:

➢    Firstly, you need to understand that this is not a game.  Major organizations including Coca-Cola,
Nike, Starbucks, Dow Jones, GM, GE and so many others dedicate an ever-increasing percentage of their marketing budgets to their social media efforts.  They do not do this haphazardly.
➢    Identify the behaviors, desires and needs of your targeted audiences.
➢    Define specific objectives and desired outcomes for your social media marketing campaigns.
➢    Develop a comprehensive strategy including which tactics and technologies you will utilize.
➢    Have a preset plan in place for measuring the success of your efforts.
➢    Remain focused and stay on track.
➢    Consistently and effectively manage your available resources.
➢    Remain accountable for the success, or failure, of your campaigns.  Learn from your mistakes.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can simply throw a FaceBook and Twitter site together and expect marketing miracles.  Your business is not a game; it's a business!  You need to bring your marketing efforts together with effective communication standards, customer-pleasing public relations and enjoyable socialization.  You need to realize that even though search engine placement algorithms are constantly shifting, high-quality content and the creation of solid community relationships are still the most significant factors for success.

To realize your marketing goals and maximize effectiveness, you need to approach social media marketing with a mindset based in business success.  Of course, you still need to enjoy yourself and make sure that your visitors enjoy themselves as well.  Just don't forget what your focus is.