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The idea that more technology can somehow give us more time is seldom true.  The idea that a cell phone or an email will save us time is much prettier than the simple truth that the more accessible we are to the world, the more the world will intrude on our personal time.  Do you ever watch those movies from just 10 or 15 years ago and wonder how did we do it without cell phones, laptops, instant emails and of course electronic guidance systems.  

In this age of ever advancing technology, the ability to stay on the forefront is harder than ever.  Technology is changing at ever faster intervals.  It is unfortunate fact that by the time a college student graduates from a University most of the material they had learned will be obsolete.  It is a delicate balancing act to know what is going on, being prepared to act quickly to changes in the marketplace and to maintain some personal time and space.  I first heard the notion of “EFS”s back in my Network Marketing days.  An “EFS” is an electronic focus splitter, such as a cell phone, camera, laptop etc…  I find it more and more important in my personal and business life to set up some personal boundaries to maintain my sanity.

It is important to remember, that technology without boundaries is Armageddon.  I bring all this up to discuss the proliferation of social media automation services that are becoming more and more frequent.  From simple stuff like posting status updates to multiple social media accounts like to mass uploading of videos at the touch of button with, the proliferation of these, time saving websites has not had the impact it was designed to.  Instead of saving Internet marketers much needed time, it has simply created a paradigm shift in social media marketing and upped the ante.  

The rise in competition between internet marketers has caused the advancement and proliferation or Facebook automation, twitter automation and Myspace automation tools and devices.  In the last couple of years these powerful social media marketing tool websites have been developed: 


These sites have completely changed the way social media marketing is done.   The way social media marketing worked in the past was different.  The rules we played by were not as they are now.  Many online marketers had a couple of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and Youtube accounts.  They may have personally or hired an intern, employee and may have even considered outsourcing this work abroad because of the time intense nature of social media marketing.  Clicking on hundreds of followers and friends was not necessarily the best use of time for top level web marketers.

The game is at a completely different level now and the giant influx of new internet marketers, especially with an MLM interest are playing the game with a giant disadvantage.  Unfortunately for them, they are on an uphill battle with the pros.  The pros have experience, time, systems, more money and tools that new online marketers are not familiar with.  The pros will happily sell a few of their secrets for mass profits but never the good stuff.

What is the good stuff you ask?  The good stuff has to do with proven systems that work over and over again.  The good stuff can drive traffic to an MLM squeeze page, or an online dating PPA landing page.  It can boost your Alexa ranking on your business blog to the first page of Google for all your key words in no time at all.  These systems have special tools and work over and over.
One of the major focuses web marketers understand is that of time saving tools or devices.  There are many automation websites and available downloads that can automate part or all of a system.  There are a number of valuable systems that more for online marketing.  Automated online SEO is one, advanced social media marketing is another, and article posting is a third.  There are automation systems for things like posting ads on Craig’s list which have made people millions of dollars.  There are YouTube automation services that artificially increase the number of views, comments and five starts ratings that one gets.

They have amazing automated social bookmarking sites that can get you on the first page of Google in a Week.  As these websites get bigger, wealthier and more powerful it will be interesting to see how big business and the search engines handle this.  As advanced as Google’s algorithm is, there are more and more internet marketing geniuses sharing the system.  As Facebook, Twitter and Myspace use more and more code to attempt to confuse and frustrate automators, the reverse seems to happen, the automators simply continue to improve their skills.  

It reminds me a little bit of the guys who created the speed radar gun.  It was a great invention for the police.  The problem is that when one creates a paradigm shifting product such as a radar gun, it instantly opened up another market to defeat the radar gun.  Thus, the radar detector and many other products were created.

To think that a little Captcha, the annoying thing that makes you type in a couple of words will keep brilliant computer programmers from using automation is ignorant.  The truth is much simpler.  In order to really achieve monetary success now for any person who wishes to do internet marketing and into the future you will need to have a number of automation programs working 24 hrs a day 7 days a week to propel your websites in the search engines.  These Facebook automators, twitter automators, Myspace automators, YouTube automators etc… will continue to improve and continue to be critical to drive traffic, build a following, automate messages, make friends, build lists, increase links, increase page rank and much more.

To find out more about automation tools, check out our Internet Marketing Training site, where we go into detail on what to do in terms of automation and more importantly what not to do.  Allow us to show you how to save tons of time and money and get massive results the way the pros really do it.


Twitter is breaking into uncharted waters.  On Oct. 19th 2009 Google signed its deal with Twitter to allow Twitter’s data to be used in Google’s search engines. 

 From the Google blog:

 “Given this new type of information and its value to search, we are very excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results. We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data, and we look forward to having a product that showcases how tweets can make search better in the coming months. That way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information.”

 Just weeks earlier Twitter had signed a similar deal with Microsoft’s Bing to do the same.  In addition to signing deals with two of the biggest companies in the world, Twitter received $100,000,000 in investment money to take their global micro blogging site to the next level.

 As Twitter continues to grow, with it’s over 18,000,000 users and large international following.  It appears Twitters unconventional revenue model should be returning on its investments.

One of the biggest questions right now online is exactly how will Bing and Google use Twitters data in their search engines.  Though a number a discussion with some of the top Internet marketers out there here is what we have gathered.

  • It is believed that there will be a separate tab on Google similar to the ability to search a term and click on pictures or videos but for Twitter info.

  • The power of the re-tweet or RT should be huge when this is up and running.

  • The ability to get massive RT’s should help people get on the first page of Google from Twitter quickly

  • Twitter will grow rapidly in number of users and number of tweets per user

  • Twitter may allow more personal information on their pages to compete directly with Facebook.  In addition, Twitter’s main revenue model should change considerable over the next 12 months as a consolidated revenue plan is being developed. Even advertising revenue and data mining should be the largest area to grow in Twitter’s business model.

Twitter’s amazing rise to success has been a roller coaster.  Being able to withstand such rapid growth has destroyed many companies and many Internet companies.  Twitter’s constant innovation and sincere focus on their customers has kept them in such a promising position.   With the inking of their two-mega deals with Bing and Google and by receiving 100 million in investment money, it is easy to say that Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. 

We will be keeping our eyes on Twitter and watching with anticipation how Twitter and their powerful group of innovators take Twitter to the next level and achieve a large ROI.



 Peter Celnicker

The Online Traffic Magnet



For some people, when they hear the name of any industry, they will see the big picture. The music industry for them will encompass not only the music that they listen to, but the way that the music is created, the recording, the shipping and the promotions that must go into getting music to the consumer. To them, it will also involve every type of musical genre- from rock and hip hop to Beethoven and Mozart. Anything that pertains to the making, transporting or selling of music will be what is in their head.

For other people, the musical industry can be broken down in to genres, which can then be broken down further into sub genres. The sub genres can then be even further broken down to the point where only one aspect of the industry is being focused on; the niche.

Finding a niche is like doing a mathematical equation without numbers: you keep subtracting facts and descriptions until you get down to the lowest common denominator for that market- the niche in other words. When you are doing niche marketing, you are exploiting the needs for that particular part of an industry- that small segment of the targeted audience who may have a specific and very definable need.

Keeping with the musical industry theme, we focus on this genre of the musical industry: the marching band. For each section of instrument types, there is a sub genre: the brass, the woodwinds and the percussion sections. Taking the brass section sub genre then, we can break that down into the niches: trumpet, French horn, tuba and trombone. Of those four niches, there are some similar needs that can be addressed, but each will have specific needs that have to be focused on as well. Niche marketing would address those specific needs for each of the four niches found within this sub genre.

The music that is written for a trombonist for instance, is different from that of a French horn. You could never fit a tuba into a trumpet case, and if you did, that thing is never coming back out of there, and you owe someone a tuba. There is never a trumpeter that will need a comfort strap to play his instrument. All of these separate aspects of the same basic family have different needs that must be met. Have defined your targeted audience? Have you defined your niche? Now its time to find the best ways to market your product or service to that audience.

For example, the product is music lessons. You could offer the generic “music lessons” but then would find that you are being flooded by calls for oboe or electric guitar. The problem is simple- you do not know how to play neither the oboe nor the electric guitar. By clearing defining the niche that you are marketing to, you save yourself needless expense on ads that will greet the wrong people and you save your customers time by spelling out exactly what you can offer to them.

The more defined or specialized a niche, the higher the demand and the lower the supply meaning that you will be able to garner top dollars for a need that is not being fulfilled. The wider your appeal, the more likely you are to have competition and therefore have to keep your prices low to remain comparable and fair.

Define your targeted market and you can rule that particular niche. Find the lowest common denominator that will satisfy enough need to be a valid pursuit and keep enough customers to be financially worthwhile and you will be struggling to keep up with the demand in no time.


As with most elements of Internet Marketing, the concept of social media marketing is widely misunderstood.  Enhancing the performance of your business through social networking, online and off is a distinct possibility.  However, it requires more than simply slapping a few social media website pages together and hoping for the best.  It requires forethought.  It requires education.  It requires strategy.  It requires a specified plan for implementation.  In short, if you wish for your social media marketing to be effective, then you need to realize, that even though it is very enjoyable, it is still a very serious undertaking.

Give your business a human touch with social networking!

Every online entity wants clickthroughs.  That is a given.  But a clickthrough by itself holds no real value.  What you want are clicks from customers who feel a personal attachment with your products, services and information presented.  People need human connections.  That is the very reason why social media is so hugely popular and widespread on the Internet.  In fact, it is what is shaping all online trends more than anything else in existence.

Rules for effective social media marketing:

➢    Firstly, you need to understand that this is not a game.  Major organizations including Coca-Cola,
Nike, Starbucks, Dow Jones, GM, GE and so many others dedicate an ever-increasing percentage of their marketing budgets to their social media efforts.  They do not do this haphazardly.
➢    Identify the behaviors, desires and needs of your targeted audiences.
➢    Define specific objectives and desired outcomes for your social media marketing campaigns.
➢    Develop a comprehensive strategy including which tactics and technologies you will utilize.
➢    Have a preset plan in place for measuring the success of your efforts.
➢    Remain focused and stay on track.
➢    Consistently and effectively manage your available resources.
➢    Remain accountable for the success, or failure, of your campaigns.  Learn from your mistakes.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can simply throw a FaceBook and Twitter site together and expect marketing miracles.  Your business is not a game; it's a business!  You need to bring your marketing efforts together with effective communication standards, customer-pleasing public relations and enjoyable socialization.  You need to realize that even though search engine placement algorithms are constantly shifting, high-quality content and the creation of solid community relationships are still the most significant factors for success.

To realize your marketing goals and maximize effectiveness, you need to approach social media marketing with a mindset based in business success.  Of course, you still need to enjoy yourself and make sure that your visitors enjoy themselves as well.  Just don't forget what your focus is.